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Welcome to Casa del Humidor, Canada' largest walk-in humidor. Unique to this area is the only walk-in humidor featuring state of the art engineering to ensure our cigars are kept at the best conditions possible. This ensures our cigars are fresh, properly aged and in a superb state. Casa del Humidor

Our humidor features raw and untreated Spanish cedar, a species of mahogany, regulated by temperature and humidity with stand alone HVAC and a Stulz sonic 8 nozzle humidifier. (Add pic of humi fire unit)

The water we use is treated and filtered prior to entering the humidor to exacting specs. This allows a perfect environment you will notice in the quality of our cigars.

(Pic of main store)Nestled between beautiful Lakes Couchching and St. John Casa del Humidor is located just 2 kilometres past Casino Rama on Rama Rd. Next door to World Famous Rama Moccasin and Smoke.

Casa del Humidor has been in the cigar business since 2004. Tobacco use was thriving long before Columbus stumbled upon the Americas. Our people looked at tobacco as a gift from the creator and have used it in ceremonies, medicine, trade and social settings for thousands of years. This is our product, we know tobacco and cigars. Our hand picked tobacconists will be here to enhance your visit and cigar experience. 

Casa del Humidor CigarsCurrently we do not offer online sales. Our commitment to be a Brick and Mortar tobacconist reminds us to make your visit as professional as possible without the disconnect from a proper Tobacconist. We strongly encourage the Tobacconist/Client interaction.

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